About Red Rock National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon is the definition of a hidden gem. This natural wonder is located a mere 17 miles from the glittering Las Vegas Strip, it is Nevada’s first National Conservation Area, designated as such in 1990. With large, comparatively “un-flashy” swathes of desert on all sides of Las Vegas, it took some time before due attention was paid to the natural environment. Now, more than two million visitors a year get to benefit from the refreshingly mild climate and scenic views.

Red Rock Road Bike Tours

There is a 13 mile scenic loop in Red Rock Canyon, offering spectacular views and a surprising variety of flora and fauna to those on road bikes and vehicles alike. If you take a tour, be it self-guided or with a knowledgeable guide, you can learn the names of the wildlife and the geological history of the area. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is teeming with all sorts of life that conservationists are working tirelessly to protect. Instead of just “winging it,” uncover the secrets of the desert from a respectful and knowledgeable standpoint.

Las Vegas Mountain Bike Tours

For those who prefer the road less traveled, and perhaps a bit more rocky, Red Rock Canyon offers wide open spaces for mountain biking. We ride on cross country style rolling singletrack originally formed by the wild horses that roam this area with optional technical riding if desired. Interpretive tour guides can assist in navigating the trails in the area, as well as provide insight on the geological formations and surrounding plant and animal inhabitants. Be prepared for great views, varying levels of difficulty, and higher elevations than you think!

We have e-bike road and mountain bike tours, as well as rentals. E-bikes, though relatively new to the scene, can be a wonderful equalizer for tour groups of varying experience. You can take a road or mountain bike tour on an eBike. Whatever you decide, there are rentals available to accommodate! E-bikes are a great way to keep your family or friend group taking in all of the same views and enjoying the experience together. 

Red Rock Canyon contains a variety of trails, all at different skill levels and all displaying a different side of the Conservation Area. On a guided tour, you will have the option of exploring Red Rock, the Willow Springs Loop, Oak Creek, Calico Hills, Pine Creek, or Ice Box Canyon. Another amazing feature of the area is the Keystone Thrust fault. The overlapping of two very different layers of the earth from millions of years ago is a geological phenomena and a sight to behold.

There are so many options available to experience Red Rock Canyon, start here to choose your adventure.

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Escape Adventures is a proud supporter of Save Red Rock, whose mission is to preserve and enhance the natural, recreational, educational, scientific and scenic resources of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Escape Adventures President, Heather Fisher, founded Save Red Rock in 2005 and Escape Adventures is an ongoing sponsor.

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